Stop Feminazism

The heading of the blog may intrigue you, may confuse you and it may annoy you. But once you have finished reading, I’m sure it will make you think why this is an important issue to be discussed.

Before moving any further, I want to clarify the difference between feminism and feminazism. While feminism means standing for the rights of both men and women, thus promoting equality, feminazism is an entirely different thing. It is extreme and radical form of feminism born due to misinterpretation of the true sense of equality by some people among us.

Feminists stand against gender discrimination and for equal rights, equal standings of men and women at home, schools, work of place, in politics and everywhere else. And it is not necessarily restricted to females, men are feminists too. In fact feminist movement in India was initiated by men. The Abolition of Sati pioneered by Raja Rammohan Roy rings a bell?

But the problem lies in the crude judgement of some people who call themselves feminists but are completely against the males of the society. They lurk within the feminist crowd quietly supporting women’s rights, but they are not for equality. Think of them as militant feminists. They desire for female supremacy and think all men are dogs. They raise their voice and make a scene just to ensure that people think them as the victims.

Often their acts tend to get out of control and an innocent is blamed for something he never did. Instances of girls accusing a guy for sexual harassment or passing derogatory remarks just to avenge a past incident is getting common these days. This forces men to live under the dark shadows of fear and terror of being defamed and refuted by society. This makes us think if we are living in a society where female is always the victim and the accused male is always the culprit. 


Speaking more about the FEMINAZIS , they demand respect without doing anything good for others or doing anything which will earn them respect. They pretend they are free and open minded. But they don’t think that judgement without reasoning does not qualify as open-mindedness. These feminazis  are pretty much active on social media, constantly on a lookout for their target whom they can harass in the name of gender equality and women empowerment. But they don’t know that their acts can actually provoke an outrage and a feeling of disgust for all men among those women who have been actually hurt by a man even once in their life. 

To prevent gender clash and to promote equality in the world for a greater good, it is necessary to preach feminism in a mature way and stop berating a gender or sect.

Feminism is a great idea; but distorted views can cause trouble.

Feminism urges both men and women to fight for each other but not against each other. And for this to grow, feminazism must end.


  1. Okay this is a very interesting read. And the whole idea of feminism is promoting equality and we don’t want you to put women on pedestals. No, just that women are treated fairly. This is not a women’s war or a men’s war it’s humans war for equality. I have written a post on feminism that I think you would enjoy reading.


  2. Yes, this is a war we fight together. Equality can be achieved only when we shred the feeling of superiority.
    And I would really like to read your post on feminism, can you please share the link?

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  3. Yeah I am really annoyed with modern day feminism. It is a very ugly creature and has so many double standards. Men and women are not the same but yes we deserve equal pay and equality. I don’t consider myself a feminist because it has become an obnoxious term to me.


  4. While I fiercely agree with everything you wrote. I do despise the use of word feminazi. Not only is it an insult to the survivors of Holocaust, it also doesn’t seem fair to compare even the worst of feminists to Nazis. That aside I hate the fact that people believe that feminism has gone too far. It has surely in some ways strayed away from its original founding ideas but well Nazism takes it to whole another level. Especially when you see how in our own country people kill each other on basis of religion. Other than that your definition of feminism is quite to the point.

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  5. Point noted Ma’am. But I used the word ‘Feminazi’ as it has been used quite frequently by people all over for those who misinterpret the idea of feminism. Maybe we should come up with another word.


  6. Yeah.u r right dt faminazism is dangerous for healthy development of our society.forcing by women in every fields r caused of crimes.these type women donn’t think dt a good family n society is needed of equal rights of both side.


  7. Great post! This difference is what needs to be made extra-clear to avoid any more misconstruing of the term ‘feminism’.

    However, I’ve always had this doubt: When feminism means equality, why is there a term feminism at all? Why can’t we just say ‘equal rights’ for men and women and do away with this superfluous ‘ism’? (considering that the word is clearly highlighting the ‘feminine’, and can easily be misunderstood)


    1. Thank you! And about the term ‘feminism’, I will say that mostly it’s the women who get marginalized and probably due to this it’s termed as feminism. But hey, what’s in a name, we should get what it aims for. Name it feminism, name it equalism or name it anything, we are cool with that.

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  8. “Instances of girls accusing a guy for sexual harassment or passing derogatory remarks just to avenge a past incident is getting common these days,” sadly this malicious practice is quite rampant nowadays. It angers me to no end when I see women taking advantage of the powers that were actually meant to protect them from real sexual offenders. Framing the innocents just to settle your past scores is wrong on so many levels…sigh!

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  9. Thank you Abhishek for saying this. This had to be said. And I loved the way you put it out there-straight and clear. More power to feminism .

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    1. Someone had to say this. People confuse feminism with women-supremacy mainly because of such things. True feminism is standing for both the sexes. Why be a douche bag when one can be a feminist? More power to feminism☺

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      1. Exactly! Due to these misconceptions, women and men are shying away from this word and don’t want to be recognized as ‘feminists’. Feminism isn’t about battling over which sex is better. It’s about coming together and giving respect irrespective of your gender.

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      2. True. And the way people shy away from the word ‘feminist’, it just annoys me so much. I mean you don’t want to be associated with this word simply because you don’t really know what it stands for, then you are nothing but a fool. No real men and women who truly believe in equality will shy away from it.

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      3. It feels so good to hear this from you. It’s rare to find a guy who proudly flaunts the fact that he is a feminist. This world needs more people like you. And yes, with half knowledge people go on condemning about women and men who say that they are feminists.

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