One day I woke up from sleep                       And you were not beside me.                             I looked for you around the house,         Called you name but got back none.

Could see undone dishes from the last night                                                                   Stilettos and broken bottles still beneath the bed                                                                   But you were gone.                                                   Your soothing aroma was still fresh               Yet your absence baffled me.
Suddenly I found myself in this pit of Hell,       I lay there, being tormented                             Hoping someone, if not you, would ring the bell                                                                   And make the pit illuminated.

I screamed for company                               But all of them go through my scars.            How can no one hear me?                               Locked in this concrete cage, looking for help                                                                       Can no one hear me?                                     For so long I’ve been screaming.

I try so hard to get you to see                         But I keep on bleeding,                                 Thinking it will never be.

Get me out of this pit                                       It’s dark and cold                                             And I need company a bit.                                 I’m getting exhausted, it’s getting cold           Hear my cry, loud and shredding                    Listen very closely                                           It’s hard to hear while dreaming,                   Just like a red herring                                        So try and get comfortable and cozy              Can you hear me screaming?


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