Hello amazing bloggers!! Hope you all are doing great and having an amazing winter.

This is something I really wanted to share for a long time, but never did until now. Abortion or foeticide  is something which is never much talked about and considered a heinous and inhuman act. People hate the very idea of abortion in general and I am no different. So, I’ve come up with this short poem to express my disdain on this. I hope you all will find this worth reading and sharing.

I love to play with knives

a fun thing to do

Especially when I find of lives

That I’ve stabbed you

The red starts to pour

And you start to scream

In the deep of the night hour

You hope this is a dream

No DearChild

It’s not a dream

You are wide awake in the wild

And your eyes now gleam

Now close your eyes DearChild

For now your time’s almost done

Just rest your eyes mild

Trust me, Hell will be fun….


  1. Well, having had an illegal abortion many years ago in South Africa (the procedure was banned at the time and, as a married woman suffering from prolonged post-natal depression after the birth of my third child, it was the only way to go without all the delays entailed in psychiatric testing) I completely relate to this. It leaves a permanent scar on the soul. Only now can I write about it without crying …

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      1. Unfortunately that isnt the case people don’t care about that. If they’re making money from it they will do it. You’re blog actually inspired me to write my own blog post on abortion. Youcan check that out if you like

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