Cut Deep

I see you when you walk,

You hold your wrist

And I know why

You’ve been cutting again, huh?

Haha, good!

Maybe you’ll slip and cut your vein

Maybe you’ll bleed

Maybe you’ll die


What a wonderful world that would be

No more of you teasing

No more of me getting Dad’s reprimanding

All because of you

And no more of you

No more of my sister.

Just  Heaven


Get to it

Go, cut

And cut deep

Through your veins

Make them bleed

And die.

Leave your little brother behind

Leave him alone 

Leave him without love

Leave him alone

In misery and cold

For you are too selfish to see him smile

Take away his happiness

Nobody will ever question you.

So, go….

Cut deep!!


  1. This is so heart touching. Self harm has become a common affair these days, and it is one of the many twisted obsessions that are destroying many of our loved ones. It is beautifully written!

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    1. You don’t have to feel bad about yourself… it’s just that sometimes under certain circumstances, we take the easy way, not that it doesn’t hurt us but still, you know…ppl feel like taking the pain away at once… its just that whatevwr decision we take might not always be the wisest of all…should not hate ourselves for that

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  2. Wow. Your way of writing is very different. You write in the point of view of someone we don’t expect you to bring in the spot light. In this case, her younger brother. I really like how you perceived it.
    Keep writing, Abhishek. 🙂

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