You and I

I lurk in the shadows  

You’ll find me among the crowds

In buses and trains I dwell

Parks and streets are the places where I breathe

And when I see you

I lose my cool, 

I lose my morals

And I lose myself

Your dress provokes me,  

No matter if you are fully clothed or slightly loose

Your ignorance of my existence provokes me,

However hard you want to escape

Your unspoken words provoke me,

Whatever curses you want to hurl

All I want to do to you is because I can

All the movies I’ve seen growing up prove that I can

No, I’m not a male chauvinist

Though I want to practice control

They are the same thing, right?

But who cares?

I’ll hit you

I’ll push you

Then I’ll grope you

I only want to have some fun 

And you too will surely enjoy

At least this is what I believe

And what I believe is true coz I’m a man

Be it Delhi or Shimla 

Bangalore or Goa,

I will be there

Lurking somewhere in the background

Or even ahead of you

And what can you do at most?

Post comments on YouTube!

Say shit on Facebook 

People forget in less than a week

And I?

I’ll find another you

And you?

You’ll find another me

Cause you and I, you know

We will find each other in someone,

Someone every day,

New Year or Holi,

Someone at all the places,

Someone every moment.

Molestation and harassment is something that happens everyday every fucking where and we cannot deny this. It angers all of us and we do what we can. But our efforts are never strong enough to stop this heinous crime and these ‘men’ (shame they even call themselves men) who are not just molesting someone but the mental scar they imprint on the victim is something which is not easy to erase. I don’t know if this will bring any sort of change or stop such crimes by even decimal of a percent but this is my way of expressing. This post can be easily forgotten but I know that what all has happened with the victims, that can never be forgotten by them and I beg that we too should not. Its high time now  we realize that our patriarchy and sense of control is right in no way. Stop and think.


  1. anything to happen one has to start.. you started with your thoughts.. you will inspire more who are around you and the inspired will inspire more to come.. so let’s be positive.. you will make the change.. change the so called “MEN”..

    All the best.. god bless you..

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  2. Reading for the first time I wondered about this and the lurking shadow. Perhaps there is an issue in the male psyche but to feel there is a right to grope is wrong. I found it disturbing that the incident in Bangalore in an article I read blamed it on western dress.

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      1. Yes, the Germany incident was a similar one. These young men see public gathering as their chance to do whatever they want and are mostly in groups. What’s going on in their mind is difficult to understand.

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  3. A very profound one Abhishek. It is so true, it happens all the time every where, at home and outside. We need to educate our boys too on this. I hope together we take positive steps to eradicate this mindset of some men.

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    1. Something should be done and we can be the stepping stones for something the world always wanted to achieve but still is too far…safety and respect for all humans which includes freedom of women and ensuring their safety.

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  4. Great work! This is the kind of information that should be shared around the internet.
    Shame on Google for no longer positioning this publish higher!
    Come on over and talk over with my web site . Thanks =)

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