Smiling faces

Dreamy eyes

Millions of questions demanding answers

Not knowing what the future holds

Forgetting the past

Childhood is all about living the present



  1. How amazing is this post, short and yet so powerful. Lol! it made me realise I was living in the moment as a child that is why I was so happy! Adulthood takes it away from you but you can always try to attain that. Super amazing!

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  2. Lol – your post is spot on- today I was talking with my niece and her daughter ( my god daughter) was sitting on a stool eating a piece of beef jerky – she was swinging her legs , smiling, chomping away…she made my heart chuckle lovingly and admire her joyous youth…I had to take a picture; which of course led her to be silly☺

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    1. Haha…. I only wrote what I felt childhood meant…what I see around me in buses, parks, trains or at home. Kids are fun to watch and they teach us something about life and that is to enjoy every moment. Wish a great life to your god daughter and happiness to your family🙂

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