The Imposter

​A smile hides my tears 

A joke masks my sadness

I’ve banished, locked away my pain deep in my soul’s dungeon 

And I’ve thrown away the key

So you can never see me cry.

I’ve tucked my melancholy beneath

A roughly designed mask decorated with

Pretend Jokes

Fake Smiles

Phony Laughter

Happy Lies. 

You say you know everything about me but the truth is

You know nothing at all. 

I am an impostor. 

I have a blood lust

And when the night comes

I slash my victims

I hear their screams

On a lovely night for massacre

I wipe their blood on my body.

They deserve what is coming

And I shall be the Harbinger for their demise.

And then, in the daylight

I shall again be the imposter

The imposter no one fears

The one everyone must embrace.


  1. In the beginning I was like woah this poem is me and then came the slaying and the bloodshed part at nearly 1 am at night, scaring me so bad!
    How can you write so beautifully?! Dark, intense but so painfully beautiful 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I don’t know…it just happens that whenever I write something it starts as something normal and then somehow and I don’t know when exactly, it just happens that I am writing something entirely different. Never wanted to scare anyone but feels good when people genuinely appreciate my writings. Thank you so much☺

      Liked by 2 people

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