Memories are strange. They are vague, faint, incomplete and formless. They are like the endless oceans of our thoughts that engulf us with infinite eerie beauty. Beauty of thoughts, beauty of words, beauty of people. The last dying visage of sanity that leaves us perplexed with what has happened and make us question the way it happened. They fill us with feelings of joy, of love, of sadness, of miseries, of guilt…. they make us realise of our innate human inaccuracies.

Memories are strange and they are beautiful that way. They subside the feeling of nothingness. They bring the past to our eyes in a flash. Brain gets chafed and often things get clear. But we never fail to cherish the good ones and try living through them once again in our minds.

Memories are blessings, memories are crazy, memories are…strange.


    1. “Memories may be beautiful and yet
      What’s too painful to remember we simply choose to forget
      So it’s the laughter we will remember
      Whenever we remember the way we were.” These lines are so amazing. Thanks for making me search for this song.☺

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  1. I often think about them to the point of even thinking that I’d write something on memories one day but what can I say, it feels I was re-reading most of my thoughts through your words. Crisp, pure and beautiful!

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