You and I (Part 2)

Another celebration

Another opportunity

You’ll find me 

And I’ll find you

In the many faces you see

All coloured and generic

The red-faced me will touch your waist

The yellow-faced me will roll fingers over your back

The green-faced, the most respected me, will grope your bosoms

It will be touch and go;

You won’t find me

I won’t remember you

You’ll be traumatized

I won’t care

You’ll cry

I won’t care 

You’ll curse

I won’t care.

Reports may be filed

But no one will ever find me

I’ve got many faces

I reside in many places

And one day we will find each other again

In different places,

Among different faces

For you and I, 

We will never be far apart.

                 Photo Credits: SumitOfficial


  1. This is the only festival girls think whether they should go out or celebrate it in a confined place. There is only a slight hope of change one can keep. A change which can give a truly independent India to us.
    Nice lines 👍🏻

    Liked by 1 person

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