Back Again!

It has been more than a month that I posted something or was even remotely connected to my WordPress family. I just vanished without any prior notice or indication. I’m extremely apologetic for that. It was just that I was busy for a while and then completely clueless about what to do, what to write. The eagerness almost died, wasn’t really getting the urge to write anything or share my thoughts. So, once again I’m sorry for that. Only now I realized that I can’t completely give up on this and this is what I enjoy doing. I enjoy sharing my thoughts on this platform. I enjoy connecting with people here. And I missed a hell lot of that in this short while. 

I also want to acknowledge all those lovely bloggers who nominated me in any awards or tags. Sorry that I could not take part in those. I hope you now understand why. So, that is pretty much it from my side, would be posting new poems and more stuff soon. Can’t say everyday, but will surely stay connected. Love you all peeps.❤

Keep writing! Keep pushing!!


  1. Hi abhishek welcome back…keep writing & keep expressing..sometimes even I’m ruled by this feeling to take a break from write ups… but then you feel so connected to WordPress and to our fellow bloggers that it feels like.. to write something and share it with people.. who appreciate our thoughts in real write and express yourself ..would look forward for a new post from your side soon…☺☺☺

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