Top 10 Metal Covers of Popular Songs

Are you a metal fan? If yes, then you are at the right place. And if you aren’t already a metal fan then maybe this list will help you broaden your music taste. A new study conducted by the University of Queensland’s School of Psychology has found that listening to extreme music like heavy metal can help people process anger and even increase their positive emotions, like inspiration.

These are my top 10 metal covers of popular songs. You can check them out by clicking on the link provided.


10. Give into me by Three Days Grace

Originally sung by the pop great Michael Jackson, this song is mostly similar to the original song and this is what makes it more so special. Not the total headbanging craziness in this but still a must listen track and worth your time if you are an MJ fan. You can check out the lyrical video here.

three days grace


9. Wicked Game by HIM

This metal renovation of the 1989 song originally sung by Chris Isaac was released  eight years after the original song. Hailed as one of the best songs of the century, pressure was right on the metal band HIM for doing justice with the song and did it with a sincere metal cover of this all time great song. The cover song can be watched here.



8. Gangnam Style by Leo Morachiolli

This metal reincarnation of the K-Pop sensation PSY is probably the best cover possible for this infectious song. Coming from Frog Leap Studios and backed by rock solid guitaring and strong vocals of Leo Morachiolli, this one should be definitely tried once. Video link.


7. Get Lucky cover by Halestorm

This popular song originally sung by Daft Punk ft Pharrell Williams was covered in the same year of its release by Halestorm.  Those who have already listened the original song, don’t miss this one. Watch the audio song here.



6. Heathens metal cover by Leo Morachiolli

Leo Morachialli has made the list twice so far and he’s got more under his belt. No one does a metal cover better than he can and this cover of the Twenty One Pilots original is a proof of that. If you are into hardcore metal music, then this one’s for you. You can check the music video here.


5. Love the way you lie(Originally sung by Eminem ft Rihanna) by Fate of Hopeless

Starting off a soft smooth cover for the Eminem-Rihanna hit, it soon transcends into gore and wild craziness of metal mania. Don’t miss out on this one. Video here.


4. Poker Face by Leo Morachialli

By now you must have known my love for this amazing performer. He’s the one man army and this Lady Gaga song is taken to a whole new dimension in this metal cover. Don’t believe me? Watch it here yourself.


3. The Chainsmokers- Closer Metal cover by Per Fredrik Pellek Asly

This wildly popular song of last last year gets a new life in this cover song performed by Pellek. His voice is so unique and different that it made me put this one so high in this list. If you are a fan of the original song then you must listen this one.


2. Smooth Criminal by Alien Ant Farm

What if I told you that this song has got more YouTube views than the original song by Michael Jackson in 1987. Yes, it has over a 100 millions views and still considered to be one of the best cover songs. Not totally filled with metal madness but a must watch because of its immense popularity. Watch the video here.

alien ant

1. Hello by Leo Morachiolli

Once again it is the Metal Man himself finding the top spot here. With strong vocals, perfect guitar play and really great video setting, this has to be the best pick for the number 1 spot. It is a complete metal song and has got a subtle contagious creepiness in it. Adele sure would be proud herself after listening to this one.

leo morichiolli


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