What you see before you is my true self, my essence. I may wear a mask of phony smiles and fake emotions but it is all of you who spend every vacant second living a lie. A lie you’ve been telling yourself. A lie your parents have been telling you. A lie everyone has been telling everyone. Yes, my dear friend, yes. It is a lie that your goodness will conquer hatred and that your spirit will out outdo all your miseries one day. Nothing changes. Nothing ever changes.

You, my friend, you are delusional. You know the reason why I chose you to be my victim? It’s simple. You’ve led all the people around you astray. You ask all of them to do good, conquer their demons, rise above hate and chase their dreams. Just like you want to do these things. But you know that’s a fallacy. This world is a dark, dark place. It’s okay to have fears in here. Humans are scared of things, they are scared of the future, they are scared of their fate and that is their nature. You know, deep down everyone is afraid of everyone. Everyone hates everyone. Why try to hide from your hatred and fears when the natural impulse is to embrace them? To let fear rule you. To have hate consume you. People hate. They hate their bosses, they hate their neighbors, they hate their spouses. They hate their miserable existence.

So, why not let this hatred drive you? Why not fall into the abyss of your fears and come back a stronger man? Why not shun emotions that make you vulnerable? Why not confront your true self and give in to everything you have been trying to run away from? These humans are too weak to realize that and so I try to make them realize. And you, you stand in my way? Do you hear something? Something crawling up to your feet, puling you down. That’s the harbinger of your undoing. You’ll burn and your ashes will mark the rise of a new breed of humans. Hate me. Fear me. Run from me.


P.S. – I don’t wanna scare you but whatever you read above was just a part of an idea. I know you all love the Joker and you’ve seen him plenty many times trying to get into the head of Batman. But what if he squares off with the Man of Steel? Sounds interesting? So, the above dialog was my description of how things would go down if ever Superman had a confrontation wit Joker(only if they existed). Please drop down your views on this.


  1. Hi Abhishek,
    You have some very thought provoking posts. Lots of interesting things about this one. What I see with these two characters, at the core, it is the epic struggle between good and evil (and don’t we all love that storyline!). What comes up in me is the question, why does evil have to try so hard to convince? Thank you for the follow and blessings to you, Patricia

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