My first love

You might be thinking 

From the title in the heading

That I’m gonna talk about a girl from my past

The girl that was my first kiss

The girl that I had the best pizza with

The girl who made me watch The Notebook

The girl whose eyes I thought were the most beautiful

But hey…

No, I’m not talking about her 

And I actually haven’t found her yet

This is about my first love

Infact this is about the first person who loved me more than anything 

Without even thinking I was worth it

Yes, I’m talking about my mom

The woman who kissed my head first

The woman who fed me with my first bite of bread

The woman who taught me how to read and write

The woman who would recite poems for me at night

The woman whose eyes are the most beautiful

Her smile is the most contagious

Her touch is the most devine

And I miss her and I miss her every moment

I miss her whenever I eat the hostel mess food

I miss the touch of her bangled hands on my forehead whenever I am sick

I miss her soft voice 

I miss her waking me up for school

I miss her soothing presence

I miss her positive essence

Being far away in a different city is hard

This won’t be a forever to last

But things aren’t really great right now

And I feel alone and homesick right now

I need a little love and caring right now

Soon I’ll be home but I need to have some rest right now


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