Girl in another world

Broken bottles and teary eyes

I remember the day you said your last goodbye

With a heavy heart I see your old pictures

And I stumble upon the one with you in the black dress

I remember your smile, I remember your laugh 

I remember your eyes, I remember them shy 

I remember the time  we had good lives

I remember the time we had best friends

 I remember asking you out for the first time 

And I remember sneaking in your house at 12 in the night

I remember watching movies together on your old shabby couch, yes I do

But then the fortune changed 

You struggled against time

And I struggled against God

Why did he want you so  bad?

I saw you in pain

I saw you in misery

And I did all I could to take your sufferings

But I failed and you were gone

You don’t know how bad I wanted us to be together,

 Together for long

Maybe this is how it was supposed to be 

You leaving and me falling apart

With every drop from the bottle that I gulp down my throat 

I hear you call my name from a different land

I want to reach out to you

 I want is too see you smile

If not in this world then maybe another mile

I want you to hear me knocking at your door

If not in this life then maybe one more

And now that I’ve entered your world

Open the door dear love, in the same black dress

Wear your smile and tie your hair

For I want us to stay together in our own secret lair


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