I walk down the aisle

Looking for the answers to my misery

I think of the fire

I think of the ashes

I see them smothered in my demise

I see them laughing at my despair

The storm is raging in my head

If fate had a face I would want to see it

I want to slash her throat and see the blood gushing

I want to bury her in her own land

But she isn’t here

She can’t be trusted

She has no existence

She is faceless, a myth

Created by the world’s insecurity

She is just….

Just like the many faces I’ve seen in the past

All hiding behind a mask

Concealing the lies they fear

Scared to slough their skin

I sense the sadness in them all

Broken souls longing for release

And my phantasm takes over

I’m lost

I’m lost in my beliefs

I’m lost in my delusions

I want no more of this

There’s a pot of wrath burning in my mind

I fear my destruction

And I  don’t have fortune to blame







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