I’m the blackbird you wanted to fly away
But I’m not going anywhere
I’m here to stay, find my way
And what they say is to make hay
But my sun is not shining
And I’ve to keep trying
Coz I’m not leaving
What you see is only the beginning
And my illusions are all gone
Oh god, share your strength gimme some
I’ve been hit
I’ve been put down in a pit
And I feel like shit
But my time will come
And you’ll feel the heat, son
The desire is kicking in
And my heart is beating faster
What I see in the chaos is my good old master
He taught me how to fly
He taught me how to glide
And this blackbird isn’t going anywhere to hide
I’ll pump up, flap my wings
Watch close coz you are in for a swing
All the sorrows and the grim
I’m gonna make them slim
I’ve got my feathers trimmed
Still I’m gonna shine brighter than a diamond ring


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