My Sweet Red

That dark night 

When you slept in respite

Holding the last shred of sanity

Edging away from humanity

I came to save you

I looked at your body

You looked pale

Covered in red

The grim surrounding

Metal impounding

And the blood

So sweet

So pure

The way it pools

The way it tastes

Sweeter than angel’s nectar

I would live in it

That’s my addiction

I feel it

I taste it 

Oh! Blood is my way

My fetish, my mistress

Blood is her name

When I lay down beside you

When I close my eyes

I find myself telling you my sweet red

How beautiful you are 

The best 

What was your life

I’ll drink it off the floor

And while your whole life pools slowly away

My love pours on out

You’re so beautiful

And I’m so evil

Now I realise what wrong I’ve done

How lives you’ve got is none

And I can’t scream

I can’t reverse it

I’m afraid and I can’t help it

I can’t open the blinding

The slit on your throat makes me sick

If this is what I am

Then my insanity is culminating





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