We’ve Failed Humanity

Two places, two different stories but a single conclusion. We have failed humanity. We have failed to redeem our sanity, our humanity by giving in to our futile vanity.

The recent events of Kathua and Unnao showcase our incompetence in taking a firm stand against what is wrong. An eight-year old girl from Kathua district was abducted, raped and murdered. This is chilling, unspeakably horrific and a heinous act of brutality. What is more shocking is that it has been overlain with an ugly form of communal politics. It is a shame that instead of demanding justice there are people who are organising rallies and supporting the accused. The girl was missing since January 10 until her mutilated body was found on January 17, bearing marks of gang rape. It has been more than two months since. Justice is yet to be served. The victim was allegedly held inside a temple in Rasana, raped for days and murdered. What followed was a series of protests demanding justice for the victim. And justice shall be given sooner or later. But the question is why the delay? Why are people within the political machinery trying to save the accused. Giving it a religious angle won’t help. What is wrong shall stay wrong. And the kind of shameful crime it is, it demands immediate justice.

The second incident is from Unnao in UP. A sixteen-year-old rape victim’s father was attacked by the people of the accused and died the next day succumbing to his injuries. The rape case is about an year old and at the center of all this is an MLA. Again a man of influence is at the centerpiece and again the justice is getting delayed. Just because they are some men of power and our political and judiciary system have failed to deliver in time, such men have got the guts to try to do shameful crimes like rape and they even have the confidence of getting away with what they have done.

But what vexes me more is the monsters that people have become. Raping children, murdering them. This is inhumane, this is disgusting. We talk about have we can build a safer place for our women, for all of us, well….crimes like these isn’t helping. And how can we become blinded by our own thoughts of superiority and religion that we unknowingly relinquish our sanity and become a part of anything which is so disgusting, which brings disgrace to our society. Since when have we become the nomadic savages who rape young girls? It is time to question, time to think who we are supposed to be and what have we become.

We have failed females of our country and we have failed humanity. Let’s try not to give them another reason to hate us all. Keep every other feeling aside and think as a human. Think in blacks and whites, there should be no grays in between. It’s time to react. Don’t blur the line between wrong and right. Think. Rethink.


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