Broken Dreams

In this dark cage of lies,

Terrified I’m trapped inside.

Bats and butterflies have all flown away,

No longer does my soul sway.

You talk of anger,

You talk of pain,

You talk of hatred,

Check your heart, what’s left is damaged.

Deception, betrayal, lies were thrust upon,

Still a mask of happiness I put on.

Agony, depression, insanity I try to hide,

I feel so numb and I’m dying inside.

Lying dead I stare at the fading stars,

Trapped inside my head’s prison bars.

Clasp of rejection has me suffocating,

Not easy to cope up with pain so excruciating.

You know what happens when I’m not sane?

The Demon takes over my soul and eats my brain.

He’s so vicious and crazy,

Hurts my body till the soul gets hazy.

I feel trapped within the body that doesn’t reel,

Imprisoned here against my will.

I’ve got no choice of my own,

I see people, they frown.

Drowning in the darkness of despair,

Questioning the lies I hear,

And seeing truth’s not there.

I beg, bring me to the surface,

Let me breathe air so solace.

Let me see the morrow,

Upon my broken dreams so sorrow.


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